Classic Margarita

A summer staple, we continue our love of all things vintage by bringing this back to the original serving style: on the rocks. There’s nothing quite as refreshing on a hot summer’s day, and “The Press” makes this a great and easy drink to serve at all your summer soirées! Jimmy Buffett would be proud.


Serves 8


12 ounces Tequila

4 ounces Triple Sec

8 ounces Lime Juice (about 8 limes)



  • Press the limes in “The Press”. Pour the juice into a large pitcher.
  • Add the Triple Sec and the Tequila!
  • Have a shot, of tequila as you will have all the fixings (just to make sure it has not gone off!)
  • Pour liquid into a short salt rimmed glass that you have filled with ice.
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